Principal manufacturer,
breeder and supplier of vermicompost
and earthworms "Staratel" in Russian Federation
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Vermicompost Separator
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           Ecological agriculture

           Conversion of organic wastes into vermicompost

           Humic preparation and plant growth stimulant production

           Large-scale cultivation of the elite earthworm "Staratel" (Eisenia fetida)


          Green-PIK 300 ecological agriculture program provides every customer with access to the new technology of vermicompost and ecologically pure food production. Vermicompost application increases fruit and vegetable yields considerably! Businessmen have an opportunity to establish highly profitable business, and gardeners can get good crops for the whole family.

          The main element of the technology is organic waste conversion with assistance of the technological earthworms "Staratel". The founder of this unique technology was Doctor of Medicine, Professor Anatoly M. Igonin. He sold his patent for method of technological earthworms Staratel production to the company "Green-PIK", where he had worked as a scientific consultant until he passed away.

           The very species of earthworms are cultivated in our experimental laboratory, Professor Igonin used to say. First of all, when other earthworms sleep in winter, our ones continue working. Second, the earthworm "Staratel" produces about 1 500 offsprings. It is considered to be the most prolific species. Our vermifarms have all the necessary conditions for earthworms to thrive. A healthy earthworm processes its own weight of organics.

          20 thousand earthworms working on 1 sq.m. of land can produce about 10 kg of vermicompost daily. Vermicompost is the basis of soil fertility. It is an organic fertilizer and a plant growth biostimulant. It acts as a nematocide (able to control nematodes agricultural pests or suppress their development). Vermicompost can bind heavy metal particles, thus it is valuable for Russian lands. It also has antiradiation properties, it can bind residual radiation.

          Vermicompost is the future of agriculture, the particular solution to the national health and soil fertility improvement problems.


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