Principal manufacturer,
breeder and supplier of vermicompost
and earthworms "Staratel" in Russian Federation
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Vermicompost Separator
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Market advantages

           Perfect product with unique consumer properties (faultless quality, extended storage period, raw material for future production);

           High demand for qualitative vermicompost, rapid-growing domestic market capacity;

           High export potential;

           High solvent demand;

           Sales are protected by Russian trademarks Staratel, Humistar, Green-PIK

Technical economical advantages

           Extremely small starting capital;

           Effective Russian technologies of producing qualitative compost the source for vermicompost production;

           Green-PIK technology is protected by Russian patents;

           It is possible to mechanize and automate vermicompost production;

           Earthworms are perfect for vermicompost production (the only animals capable of producing coprolites of that quality and so quickly);

           Qualitative market intermediate product - compost;

           Opportunity to establish effective production on different scales;

           Opportunity to use temporarily empty cowsheds, warehouses, vegetable stores, etc.;

           Illumination saving (earthworms can work in the dark);

           High profitability (low price of the starting materials, high added value);

           Sustainable sources of organic raw material;

           Wide range of organic raw material sources;

           Low labor costs;

           Low energy consumption;

           The ever increasing earthworm value (the 1500-times population increase) provides a 100% production scale-up annually;

           Technology is available for plain man-power to master;

           High output per sq.m. (1 t of vermicompost, 10 kg of earthworms within 365 days);

           The "Green-PIK" technology implementation increases production efficiency, being source of organic wastes;

           The earthworm lives 16 years.

Social economical advantages

          Social significance of the program "Ecological Agriculture";

           New highly paid vacancies, in villages first of all;

           Safe and ecologically clean production process (no health hazard);

           Safe contacts for earthworm health, earthworms do not carry diseases;

           Educational value: earthworms are useful "domestic animals", both adults and children can take care of them, they produce vermicompost providing plants with balanced food;

           The earthworms Staratel live in a colony but do not have epidemics;

           Wasteless production (vermicompost production results in 3 values: vermicompost, earthworm biomass and clean environment);

           Ecological value for the territory, including polluter sources elimination;

           Soil fertility improvement, in Nechernozemnaya area, first of all;

           High-quality ecologically pure food stuff production;

           Health improvement of Russian people.


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